A R T I S T     S T A T E M E N T

I seek to embody a sense of reverent pluralism in my artwork. Reverence is commonly reserved for one focus. This is unlike the reverence that I feel for a multiplicity of interests. The visual subject of my work remains pluralistic and polymorphous. My artwork does not reflect me but rather, it is an extension of myself. It is my intention that the ongoing metaphorical references that occur in my work gently attempt to expand upon the frontiers of meaning.

My creative interests easily shift amongst media. In all processes, I select and assemble ideas, and visual material abiding to symbolic connotations and an intuitive appeal. The inspiration of many of these dreamlike images continues to evolve. My creative process in all media embraces much improvisation. While I create still or moving images, I recognize surfacing forms and hybrid notions that may blend with fragments of memory and inner visions of my mind’s eye. Many of these images embody poetic aspects of surrealism, mythological storytelling and ambiguous narratives.

Many of my short films present metaphorical characters who intersect in stories told through gestures, body and sound. My repertory of thematic concerns varies from whimsy to more contemplative images that are infused with psychological intent. My images in both visual art and film are often intended to reflect the complex imaginary nature of interior knowledge and visions.

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Tone (2017) short experimental film   (online to view) https://www.nsi-canada.ca/2017/11/tone/

Trio (2016) short experimental film   (online to view) https://www.nsi-canada.ca/2017/05/trio/

Move (2011) short experimental film   (online to view)   http://www.nsi-canada.ca/2012/12/move/