BEING / by John Graham

(2018) short experimental film

“It is fantastical, psychedelic and a magical film.” Timea Gulisio (Budapest, Hungary)

“It is beautiful!” Marti Sipos (BARTR, Budapest, Hungary)

“Very poetic and sensitive!” Philip Gagnon (Montreal, Canada)

Thanks so much for sending the link. I really enjoyed watching this, the textures and sensibilities are really magical. I also really like how it ties into the last mirrored dance inspired video you made. The composer also did a terrific job matching the visual quality. The colour shifts between “acts” is working very well. I hope that you find lots of success with this short film. Let me know when you secure your first screenings.” Lisa Birke (Saskatoon, Canada)

“Alone, Entranced, and A Prayer are very interesting choices. Not your run of the mill go-to emotions and sensations in life. As much as anything I'm intrigued by that. The visuals were so cool. Looks like you made a little go a long way. The whole visual effect and colour grade played nicely in that regard. The dancers were so non-corporeal. I loved the transitions and how a human figure emanated out of nowhere or how what I thought at first to be a butterfly was actually mirrored hands at prayer. In the Alone sequence, some of the visuals were almost like living organs. I think it's part of my particular inclination but whenever I see anything visually abstract or ambiguous, I immediately scan my brain for likenesses. Regardless, they were still great to behold. The entire colour palette worked really for me too. I had one crystallized thought by the end. There was a moment in the A Prayer sequence where the tone seemed to shift slightly, and I found myself asking, is this still just, "A Prayer," or is this now a prayer answered. Not a question I actually need answered, just my favourite part of the experience.” Shaun Crawford (Calgary, Canada)